We all love our garden gnomes, but now you can bring that love to your kitchen table! Put a smile on your face and your friends too every time you pour a little S&P on your favorite bit of tucker!

Salt n Pepper Shaker Gnome

The year 2100 is here, your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is actually a magnetic unsupported floating bed. Be careful to remove all jewellery before hoping into bed as it may get pulled away..

Magnetic Floating Bed

Boy how many times have we all wanted to do this at work? well now you can, your boss may not like it but maybe on a Friday afternoon they'll give us a break and let us get a little shut eye.

Ostrich Pillow

Say hello to Chuck Norris's swiss army knife, giving you a massive 87 different tools all within one awesome big army knife this is going to be your go-to piece for just about anything!

Giant Swiss Army Knife

Hours and hours of fun for every kid withcomplete up, down and 360 degree turning control with natural tail-like movement, perfect for small rooms needing only four AAA batteries.

Flying Remote Control Shark

Dump your old boring coffee mug and get something a little more exciting. This makes for a perfect gift for your friend that loves their morning fix.

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

From possibly the best movie ever comes this very cool kitchen timer, you simply turn his head to set the timer and he will beep away when your food is ready!

Take the game of chess to a whole new level with this well thought out 3 player chess board, all the same rules apply except there's new elements that exist, like alliances and positioning.

R2D2 Kitchen Timer

3 Player Chessboard

Aaaarhhh me hearties, come aboard me sailing pirate ship for ye wonderful time to be had as we battle across the high seas for a high stakes adventure!

Pirate Ship Playhouse

Your segway just got more snobbier! zoom around in your pimpin ferrari segway and be the envy of everybody.

Ferrari Segway

Ever wish you were so rich you could wipe yourself with money? well now you can, feel the satisfaction of going to the toilet like a billionaire.

Money Toilet Paper

World's Fastest Car

The Bugatti veyron super sport has been named the world's fastest car you can buy with a top speed of 258mph. At full throttle this beast will empty it's entire tank in under 12 minutes.

Hailed as the most expensive dogs in the world, these fluffy wonders can go for over a million dollars depending on the breed, they've become a status symbol for the rich in China.

Tibetan Mastiff Dog

Watch time melt away with this design inspired by Salvador Dali's surrealist artwork, it's perfectly balanced to hang securely off any flat surface, with quartz precision movement.

Melting Clock

Working wirelessly it projects navigation information onto your windshield and gives you estimated time of arrival, lane Assist, plus offers speed, traffic and safety camera alerts.

Garmin Car Windshield Display

Don't you hate it when you go the freezer to open your favorite pint of ben & jerry's ice cream and some pig has devoured half of it already leaving you fuming? well no more with this safe lock.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Lock

It's in the hole! Day dreaming of playing golf whilst at work? dream no more, knock out a few rounds whilst the boss isn't looking and improve your handicap.

Desktop Golf

Show off to your mates with this most coolest watermelon drink dispenser, perfect for a hot summers day by the bbq.

Watermelon Tap Kit

Broadcast movies anywhere you go like a real pro with this very cool iPhone plugin projector device. Simply point at a blank wall, turn off the lights and walla!

iPhone Video Projector

Retro Tape Pillow

Take it back to the old school every night by laying your head down on this awesome retro 80s tape pillow case.

With rip and tear resistant vinyl construction to withstand years of play this works exactly how it looks and you would expect it too, never ending fun for the entire family, become the bowling ball!

Human Bowling Ball Game

It's illegal in nine countries, yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good. They've done studies, you know, 60% of the time, it works every time.

Sex Panther Cologne

Wake up every morning to a bomb styled alarm clock, after you hit snooze the countdown begins, don't let it go off!

Bomb Styled Alarm Clock

5 Foot Giant Teddy Bear

Acquarium Bed

Nothing makes you fall asleep faster than watching a slow moving mellow fish gracefully gliding past your sleepy head.

Hey fellas, time to step up yo game and become the true don juan of the neighborhood with this bad ass tropical floating pool bar, start serving up some goodness to the local true tropical styles..

Floating Tropical Bar

Transformer USB Drive

This really large cuddly and soft giant will love you endlessly and give you one of the most comfortable pillows to rest your head on. Make him yours forever.

370 Inch Television

Store and backup your data files like a true nerd with these very cool transformer USB drive, unfolded it doesn't even look like a USB drive, perfect for stealth storage and cheap too!

You don't have one of these. Get one and cruise over the lake at 70mph with A 130-hp twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline engine, turbocharged and fuel-injected. The future is here.

Flying Hovercraft

Hunt down some pesky poltergeists along with Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddmore in this sexy dress and prove you're not scared of ghosts!

Ghostbuster Dress

You know you've made it when you've got this bad boy sitting in your lounge, but be prepared to drain your bank account buying it.

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